3 Weeks to Better Sleep!
Friday, August 14, 2020 – Friday, August 28, 2020


It is that time of year again! Back to School!


And this year it comes with a whole new set of challenges. We have had to decide to send our kids back or homeschool, weigh the risks involved, choose between our children’s safety and being able to support them, and consider the impact the “new normal” will have on our children’s mental health.

None of these things are coming easily to parents, however, one thing we all have in common is that it is time to start thinking about getting their sleep back on track.


Like many families, schedules and routines have gone out the window as we navigate through a pandemic and quarantine. Many of us have been at home with our children around the clock which makes it difficult to enforce boundaries that stopped making sense months ago. The kids don’t have to get up so why enforce a strict bedtime? They haven’t had much physical activity so are they even tired at bedtime anyways?


And now we find ourselves with only a few short weeks to get them back on track and ready to meet a whole new world of challenges.


The good news is – I have a solution!


The Sleep Cleanse: Kids Edition


The Sleep Cleanse is designed for children who are:


  • between the ages of 8-13
  • having a hard time shutting down at night
  • taking a long time to fall asleep once they get into bed
  • having restless sleep
  • experiencing fatigue during the day
  • displaying behaviours associated with over tiredness
  • lacking energy
  • sleeping less than 10 hours per night


Getting your child’s sleep back on track isn’t a simple task. And it won’t happen overnight. Making positive changes to your sleep can often take at least 3 weeks. A slow and gradual approach is best to make lasting changes.


The Sleep Cleanse includes:


  • An evaluation of your child’s sleep
  • 3 one hour Zoom calls (each week will have a different focus and new action steps to help your child sleep better)
  • One follow up phone call each week – this is a one-on-one phone call with you and Jillian
  • Access to the private Facebook group where you can find information and resources to help throughout your 3-week sleep program

As this is our first time offering this program I would like to offer it at an introductory rate of $99. It has never been more affordable to help your child get a better night’s rest!

Although The Sleep Cleanse: Kids Edition is a brand new program, it is packed with tried, tested, and true methods to help your child sleep better, that Jillian has been using for years.


If you feel like you have tried everything to help your child sleep better to no avail, this is the program for you.


If your child is too young or too old for this program, stay in touch to join The Sleep Cleanse: Infant Edition or The Sleep Cleanse: Toddler Edition or The Sleep Cleanse: Teenager Edition. As always, you can reach out at any time for your own customized sleep program.


Please visit www.sleepwise.ca or contact jillian@sleepwise.ca if you would like to speak further with Jillian about how The Sleep Cleanse can help your child get the healthy sleep they need.


It is never too early or too late to learn to sleep well!


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