Sleep Solutions for your Teen

We live in a world of instant gratification, electronics, and a society that promotes “I will sleep when I’m dead!”

No wonder more than 85% of teenagers in North America are getting less than the recommended 9 hours of sleep each night!

Yes that is correct! Teenagers require 9 hours of sleep each night. It isn’t because they are lazy. Their brains are growing at a rapid rate and they need lots of sleep to help them file information and support their mental and physical growth.

The root of a teenager’s sleep issues can be anything from stress, poor nutrition, vitamin deficiency, and trauma, to over scheduling, electronics, sleep phase delay, and inconsistent sleep times.

These issues can all be managed non-medically by examining the root of the sleep issues and creating a plan that supports their unique sleep needs and still allows them the freedom to do the things they want to do.

Teen Sleep Package

Three weeks is the minimum amount of time it takes to adjust to changes to your sleep. Your teen sleep package starts with a three-week support plan.

For your adolescent aged 13 to 19 years. Plans starting at $525.

Your Teen Sleep Solutions includes:

Preliminary Evalution

This is a comprehensive questionnaire about your child’s sleep habits and routines that you’ll fill out prior to our meeting. (Having this information in advance helps us make the most of our time together.)

90-minute consultation

A private, 90-minute consultation where we’ll discuss the details of your teen’s sleep challenges.

Custom Sleep Plan

A detailed, fully customized sleep plan that we’ll walk through together.

Follow up calls

Four follow up telephone calls during the first week following the consultation. This follow-up call typically lasts about 15 minutes, and we’ll use this time to deal with any setbacks you might be having or answer any general questions.

Follow up emails

Unlimited email/text support in the second and third weeks of the plan. Emails will be replied to within 24 hours.

Upgrade Your Package

We recognize that everyone’s needs are unique, so we offer a variety of packages for every age group.

Designed For You

Tell us what you need! Do you have twins, or live outside of Canada? We can custom design your sleep solution for you, bringing you the best value