Sleep Wise made it to Forbes!

2020 is certainly shaping up to be a great year for Sleep Wise.

A few years ago I decided to expand and offer sleep services to older children and adults – not just infants. It wasn’t easy as there wasn’t much out there in terms of education and resources for someone like me. Sleep is typically viewed as something medical – particularly if you are having issues with your sleep.

It didn’t stop me. I knew there were people who needed help and that they couldn’t find it through doctors or other practitioners. I needed to find ways to peel back people’s lifestyles to get to the root of their sleep issues and solve them. I knew this could be done without medication and without having to give up everything you love in life. I knew that it could be a positive process that people could really get on board with. And it is. And they have.

I am insanely proud to be featured by such a prestigious brand. To have my hard work and love for what I do published on an international platform is definitely a profound moment in my career.

After 8 years of helping people sleep better, it is really amazing to see how many more people are understanding the power of healthy sleep!

Read the full Forbes article here:

The ABCs of Deeper Zzzs: Here’s How to Sleep Better

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