Creator of the Sleep Cleanse…

Although my focus initially was on infant and child sleep, it wasn’t long before I saw how many others could benefit from non-medical sleep support.

I began studying adult sleep and wrote The Sleep Cleanse, a sleep program designed to help tired parents get their own sleep back on track after their children were sleeping well. The more I shared The Sleep Cleanse, the more I realized that I needed to find a more supportive way to help adults find solutions to their sleep issues, whether they have children or not.

On my journey to find a holistic approach to sleep wellness, I found a program offered by Association of Professional Sleep Consultants President and Founder, Mar Oscetegui, that fit with everything I believe about sleep. Whether someone is dealing with a medical sleep issue or is looking for lifestyle changes that will improve their quality of sleep, I can develop a customized program that can offer results the first night of implementation.

I look forward to helping you on your sleep journey!

Jillian Dowling

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