I know that it’s only the end of July and no one wants to start thinking about school in September, but truth be told, now is exactly the time we should think about our children’s sleep and how they will adjust back to school night bedtimes.

Schedules often become less important during the summer and we tend to jam pack our days so we don’t waste a minute of sunshine or time off with our kids.  This, however, can lead to big trouble if we don’t start getting things back on track before it’s time to go back to school.

It can take weeks to adjust to an earlier bedtime or for children to get used to no longer taking naps.  Getting out of bed can be so difficult it can lead to big fights before school.  Not the best way to start the day.

I’ve written a blog to help parents work on their child’s sleep before school starts.  Here you will find great tips on how to help your child to get their sleep back on track.

Some children may need a little more help.  Some may not have been sleeping well even before summer hours became an issue.  If that is the case I have a great deal for you.

Proper Bedtimes Lead to Better Sleep For Children

If you have a child with sleep issues aged 4-17, I can help!  And at a great rate!  Sleep Wise is offering all School Aged Children Sleep Packages for children 4-12 years old  or children 13-17 years old at 20% off!  It’s a huge savings and not something Sleep Wise offers very often.

If you are wondering what a sleep package for your child looks like, please schedule a FREE 15 minute phone call with Jillian to learn how she can help your child get the healthy sleep they need to be at their best for back to school.



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