As a sleep consultant, I realize that making the choice to sleep train your child isn’t always an easy one. I have gotten used to the idea that when parents call me, it is usually as a last resort and they have already done everything they can to help their child sleep better, to no avail. Most parents are so knowledgeable about sleep by the time they call me that they could almost be sleep consultants themselves!

Sleep is a basic human need and without proper sleep, we are not living our best lives. Most people don’t value their sleep until they aren’t getting enough of it. For people who have always slept well before becoming parents, it can be completely overwhelming to deal with the new challenges of being a parent while trying desperately to take care of themselves. Click Here to see How Many Naps Your Baby Needs

I love helping families find peace in their homes by getting healthy sleep. Sleep deprivation affects families in ways no one can understand until they experience it themselves. It can be physically painful to go for long periods of time without proper sleep, not to mention the mental agony and depression related to poor sleep.

Support is the key factor in helping your child sleep well. They need to be lovingly taught that they can go from being awake to sleeping all on their own. That doesn’t mean that you need to close the door on your crying infant and just wait it out until they fall asleep. That isn’t supportive at all and makes most parents feel terrible. Click here for my thoughts on Crying it Out

What if I told you that parents need support during sleep training as well? It can be difficult for parents who are trying to support their child when they aren’t sure exactly how, and their overtired brains are struggling to figure out the best thing for their baby or child.

So What Does an Overnight Consultation Look Like?

I want the families I work with to reach their goals and have a lifetime of healthy sleep. I have developed and re-developed my programs over the years to make sure I am giving all the tools necessary to help people sleep better – including parents!

With an overnight consultation, you can expect to have all the support that you and your child need as you work through the first night of your sleep plan. I will show you exactly what to do and when. You can ask your questions at that moment, rather than having to wait to check in the next day. You will learn exactly what the pros do and how to handle the tears that will likely come when your child is learning to sleep.

Some parents feel they just need a good plan and some guidance. Others feel they need more support and the Overnight Package is designed specifically for them.

If you aren’t sure how much support you need you can schedule a FREE 15-minute phone call with Jillian or visit Sleep Wise to see the list of packages available. Customized Packages are also available so you can choose what your sleep program looks like.


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