I know how important it can be for some parents of twins to keep their children together when they sleep. I also know that those same parents don’t feel that they can successfully teach their children to sleep well if they remain in the same room.

Sometimes it can be easier and faster to separate twins temporarily while teaching them to sleep well, however, if space does not allow for them to be separated, or you simply prefer they stay together, it can be done.

Although sleep training twins has its unique obstacles, with consistency, a proper sleep schedule, and a supportive program, twins can sleep as well as single babies, and remain in the same room.

Twins can sleep together in a room successfully, but I do recommend they have their own cribs by 3 months of age. That is when they become more mobile and the movement can be disruptive of the other baby.

While most twins can sleep right through the noise of their brother or sister, it can be really helpful to add some white noise to the room during sleep training. It will help them sleep through if one wakes during the night.

If you have more questions about sleep training your twins you can schedule a FREE 15-minute phone call at www.sleepwise.ca.


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