Many of my clients report that they have a really hard time falling asleep. Many struggle with middle-of-the-night wakings that take them forever to fall back to sleep. Some have both which can really have a negative impact on their lives.

As a sleep professional, I’m always in search of the best ways to relax and be able to fall asleep quickly. During my search, I was introduced to a practice called Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra.

Although it sounds like a form of yoga, it is in fact, a deep, guided mediation where all that is required is a cozy, quiet spot where you can lie down and listen.

What I love the most about Yoga Nidra is that it is very guided and helps keep your mind from wandering. It takes you on a spiritual journey of your body, mind, and soul and is such an intense and restorative meditation that it is equal to 3 hours of sleep!

Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra can be used to help catch up on lost sleep, to find a deeper relaxation, or to find inner peace.

Anyone can practice Yoga Nidra. The hardest part is staying awake. But if you do happen to nod off, that’s ok! Our brains will do the work for us and we will still benefit through our unconscious minds.

I’m so happy to now be offering Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra online to anyone who would like to improve their sleep or simply enjoy an hour of relaxation and meditation.


The best thing about yoga nidra is you get to do it while lying down. You can use a blanket, cover your eyes, get comfy with pillows and just listen to my voice. It is the perfect hour of self-care!

Join me each Tuesday at 8 pm for the best nap you will ever have!

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