From small, intimate group workshops to large audience seminars, Sleep Wise can help increase productivity in the workplace through healthy sleep.

Many people believe that sleep is a luxury that must be sacrificed in order to be successful when the opposite is actually true. Well-rested employees are able to focus better, have increased memory, are at less risk of danger or mistakes in the workplace, require fewer sick days, and are much happier with their jobs in general. If you are looking to create a more positive work environment through healthier sleep, Sleep Wise has a corporate experience that will work for any type of business.


Package A – The Sleep Cleanse

Jillian Dowling, creator of The Sleep Cleanse will present the importance of healthy sleep, what actually happens when we sleep, the dangers of not getting enough sleep, and how we can increase productivity at work and throughout your whole life. Jillian will discuss the most important ways to “cleanse” your sleep for optimal health.

This seminar will end with a Q&A session and participants will receive “Tips for Healthy Sleep”


Package B – The Sleep Cleanse Plus

For medium-sized groups, Jillian will present The Sleep Cleanse with a handout booklet where participants can follow along and create their own sleep plan.


Package C – The Executive

Designed for smaller groups where each participant will receive one-on-one time with Jillian to create a sleep plan that best suits their individual needs. This will include a 30-minute presentation with all participants followed by a 15-minute private consultation with Jillian, as well as follow-up support with Jillian as participants work through their sleep plans.


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