As I move into my 9th year as a Certified Sleep Consultant, I am reminded of how much has changed in the world of sleep over the last decade. It seems like there are new discoveries about sleep almost daily.

It is an exciting industry to be a part of as we realize more and more how important healthy sleep really is.

When I’m not working with people on their journey to healthy sleep, I spend my time finding new ways to help or ways to implement new information or research that has been made available.

I have most recently completed the Certified Sleep Science Coach program through The Spencer Institute and I’m really excited to add more services to the Sleep Wise programs.

I love finding new ways to be accessible to everyone who needs help with their sleep.

Stay tuned for some big announcements for new programming from Sleep Wise!

If you have questions about your sleep or your child’s sleep please contact Sleep Wise at where you can schedule a FREE 15 minute phone call or access our FREE sleep evaluation.


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