As a sleep consultant, I love finding new ways to help parents help their children sleep well.

My philosophy is that with proper boundaries, support and knowing how much sleep your child actually needs, any child can learn to sleep well.

From time to time I also find products that can be really helpful for children learning to sleep. Finding a multi-purpose product is like hitting the jackpot!

The Hatch Baby Rest is an all-in-one sleep product designed to help with your child’s sleep from newborn to toddler.

Some features of the Hatch Baby Rest include a  dim night light for middle of the night diaper changes and feeds, a white noise machine to keep your child from being disturbed by any bumps in the night, and a time-to-rise feature that lets your toddler know it is ok to come out of their bed.

Each feature of the Hatch Baby Rest supports important factors contributing to healthy sleep according to your child’s age.


Light has a bigger impact on our sleep than anything else. Sleeping in a dark room is ideal, however, if you are a parent you know that there are times in the night that you have to get up and tend to your child. I prefer the use of a small, dim nightlight over turning on big, bright lights that will make it more difficult to go back to sleep.
The Hatch baby Rest has a dim night light that you can adjust right from your phone.

White Noise

White noise machines are a great tool for infants, children as well as adults. If you live in a noisy building, near a high traffic area or have dogs that may bark while your child is sleeping, a white noise machine will help block the noise and save your child’s nap (or your own!).
White noise is also ideal for adults who may share a bed with a snorer or for those really light sleepers who are woken easily.
The Hatch Baby Rest has multiple sounds to choose from and you can adjust the volume remotely from your phone.


Another great sleep tool is a time-to-rise clock. These clocks are helpful for toddlers who might be waking during the night or too early in the morning. Since they may be too young to tell time, a time-to-rise clock is easy for a child to understand when it ok to come out of their bed.
The Hatch Baby Rest lets you choose when it is ok for your child to get up. You can also set it so that your child knows when it’s night time or naptime.

For years I have been recommending 3 different products for dim nursery lighting, white noise, and time-to-rise. I love that for the price of one of those items, you can have all 3 with the Hatch Baby Rest. A great product that will grow with your child!

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