Jillian Dowling

I have dedicated my professional life to helping others find sleep solutions!

With a background in social work, I have worked with children of all ages and abilities, and have always had a passion for helping families live healthier, happier lives.

Shortly after my first son was born we were blessed with the news that baby number two was on his way. At that time I wasn’t concerned with the multiple night wakings but as the time went on we realized we needed to have one baby sleeping before we welcomed home another. The search was on for a solution and led me to discover the world of sleep consultants. The consultant that we hired had our sweet boy sleeping through the night in just a few nights. Our lives were changed and our excitement renewed for our second baby’s arrival.

When I realized what a gift I had given my children by teaching them to sleep on their own, without the need for sleep props, I knew I had to share it with other families who were struggling with sleep problems of their own.

As a Certified Sleep Consultant, I have undergone comprehensive training and mentoring programs in both infant & child sleep as well as adolescent and adult sleep consulting, giving me the very best tools available to help you find the sleep solutions you’re looking for.

After helping so many families find sleep solutions for their children, I saw how other ages could benefit from the same, which lead me to create The Sleep Cleanse program.