Sleep Wise is growing! We are so excited to announce Genevieve Jones as our new Infant and Toddler Sleep Consultant!

Genevieve is a past client who knows how important it is for moms and their children to be getting healthy sleep. Like Jillian, she has decided to turn her passion into a career and help other families get the rest they need and deserve.

Here is what Genevieve has to say about becoming a sleep consultant:

“When my daughter was just over a year, I noticed she was giving me some cues that she wanted to start sleeping in her crib. We co-slept, and she breastfed at night, for almost 13 months. She had never fallen asleep without a feed and she’d fall asleep in my bed, on me, and I would move her to the crib after. Just to bring her back in bed with me when she woke in the night. To be honest, I was happy with this situation. However, I noticed my daughter was growing, changing, dropping some hints.

I’d heard about a Sleep Consultant from a friend. She’d gone through a program when her son was 6 months old. After one informative phone call and some serious consideration, I decided to go with it. Ensuring that my daughter was getting healthy sleep, was going to allow me to tap into my creativity again, write more at night, etc. I was a single parent, so at first, it felt impossible. The overwhelming emotion of feeling isolated, alone, and overtired kept it difficult to stay positive. But, with a bit of faith and dedication, within 4 nights into the program, my daughter was successfully sleeping through the night and so was I. I was very proud of both of us. This set the bar for many parenting decisions I would make moving forward, and it gave the two of us a bit more clarity and lots of routine.

But guess what happened? We moved. We moved into a basement apartment, of all places. So here we were a year and a half later of healthy sleep, and my daughter started waking up at 4am every single morning. I had no clue why. That’s when I met Jillian. Jillian was a Sleep Consultant in my town. Therefore, she was able to come over and meet with me in person. Jillian’s professional background also gave her many experiences with older children. With a new sleep plan, catering to different circumstances and factors, we did it! Again! My daughter is now 4 years old, with a regular schedule and her bedtime routine is absolutely the best part of both our days!

I never sacrificed breastfeeding my child. She stopped at 3 years old and we sleep trained twice before then. Over the years, I have prioritized sleep for me and my child and now I am here to help you do the same. I am thrilled to be under the mentorship of Jillian and very excited to offer my guidance and support to you and your little one. A good night’s sleep means a brighter tomorrow.

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