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Schedule a Free 15 minute call to see if we can help!

Schedule a Free 15 minute call to see if we can help!

Schedule a Free 15 minute call to see if we can help!

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Sleep is not a luxury.

It is a requirement of our bodies, and something we cannot live without. Not getting enough sleep will negatively affect your health in so many ways.

Sleep Wise takes a non-medical, holistic approach to sleep wellness and can help with Insomnia, Restless Leg SyndromeSleep Apnea, Sleep Phase Delay, or simply just help those looking to improve their sleep quality.

As a certified Sleep Consultant, I have undergone a comprehensive training and mentoring program which has given me the very best tools available to help you get your little one sleeping through the night and taking long, restful naps. I have dedicated my professional life to helping others find sleep solutions, and I am the only Holistic Child and Adult Sleep Consultant in the Niagara Region.

Jillian Dowling
Certified Sleep Consultant

Working With SleepWise


0 – 36 Months

Starting at $375
Although a newborn baby will not be ready to sleep through the night, there are many ways to establish healthy sleep patterns over the first few months of their lives.

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2-1/2 – 5 years

Starting at $375
Some babies just don’t sleep well and then become children who don’t sleep well.  Have no fear, it is never too soon or too late to learn how to sleep well!

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6 – 12 years

Starting at $375
Children of this age show their signs of over tiredness very differently from adults. Nightmares and fear of the dark can be really common for this age group.

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13 – 19 years

Starting at $375
Teenagers require 9 hours of sleep each night. It isn’t because they’re lazy. Their brains are growing and sleep helps them file information, support their mental & physical growth.

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20+ years

Starting at $425
Adult sleep issues are complex and can stem from stress and nutrition deficiencies, to depression, hormonal or emotional imbalances. We’ll find solutions.

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Sleep Wise helps by:

  • Working with each individual to find the cause of their sleep issues through an extensive preliminary evaluation and questionnaire to determine the root cause of your sleep issues
  • Creating a step-by-step sleep plan that implements small, gradual changes without overwhelming
  • Providing follow-up support to track progress and set new goals as each are achieved

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What our clients are saying:

Amazing results with the sleep training for both of my kids. DEFINITELY would recommend to anyone who has kids (even if you think they sleep well, they probably don’t 😉 ) THANKS A MILLION!!!!!

Rita C.

Thank YOU Jillian Dowling of Sleep Wise !!! I am so glad I attended your talk on Sleep 101 !!! I just had one of the best nights sleep I have ever had !!! By implementing just a few of the tips you gave last night – what a difference !!!! If you are struggling with sleep, or your kids are, or you know someone who is contact Jillian today !!! She works with infants, toddlers, teens right up to adults !!

Krysta P.