Give a Mom You Know the Gift of Sleep This Mother’s Day!

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How many Mom’s say for Mother’s Day they would love more than anything to have a good night’s sleep?  What if you could buy them a lifetime of sleepless nights?

You can!  And until Mother’s Day you can book a sleep package and receive a 20% discount!  (Or you can just buy it for yourself)

Choose from one of the following packages.

Infant Sleep Workshop (Niagara Residents)

The Infant Sleep Workshop is great for those parents looking for a hands on, gentle approach to helping their baby get the best sleep possible. Learn how to get your child sleeping through the night (some babies will still need to have a feed in the night), take long, restful naps and have the safest sleeping environment.

The workshop includes:

  • A preliminary evaluation of your child’s sleep through a questionnaire
  • A customized sleep plan (according to your child’s age and weight)
  • A 3 hour interactive presentation where you will learn all about your child’s sleep and how to help them get more of it!
  • A 15 minute break with snacks
  • Follow up support with Jillian after the workshop so you can ask any questions you have while working through your sleep plan.

The workshop will take place on Friday, May 18th from 9:30am -12:30pm at Harmony Yoga and Music Studio in St. Catharines, ON.

Baby and Mom programs at Harmony Yoga and Music with Carly Pierce

$99 if you book before Mother’s Day (Regular $125)

BOOK YOUR SPOT HERE (Ticket is good for one parent and a guest)

The Full Consultation Package. 

*Jillian can work remotely with those families outside of the Niagara Region

The Full Consultation Package is for those parents looking for more support as they work through their sleep plan.

The Full Consultation Package Includes:

  • An evaluation of your child’s sleep – through an online questionnaire as well as a initial phone call
  • A customized sleep plan geared toward your child’s specific needs
  • An in-home 90 minute consultation to go over your sleep plan and ask any questions you may have about your sleep plan.
  • 2 weeks of follow up support. You will have extensive follow up support from Jillian who will be tracking your child’s progress daily to make sure you are on target to reach your goals!
  • An information package to ensure your child’s sleep stays on track in the future including a document on how to get your own sleep back on track after being sleep deprived for a long period of time.

Now only $340 (regular $425)

Contact Jillian HERE To Book Your Consultation

How Much Sleep Do We Actually Need?

The Overnight Package (Within an hour of Niagara)

This package is for those parents looking for more support as they work through their sleep plan. It includes all of the benefits of the other packages PLUS Jillian will stay with you the first night you are working through your sleep plan.

Some parents feel overwhelmed by the idea of teaching their child to sleep independently and really benefit from this added support

Jillian will walk you through your child’s bedtime routine and stay with you overnight to support you while you support your child on their journey to healthy sleep!

Now only $749 (Regular $999)\

Contact Jillian HERE To Book Your Consultation

Gift Certificates are also available in any denomination and will also receive the 20% off discount.

If you have questions about any of these packages or would just like to know if Sleep Wise can help you and your child, please contact Jillian for a FREE 15 minute phone consultation

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